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10 Cool Kid Seats

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Sep 222014
10 Cool Kid Seats

Nothing boxy here…..nor anything that comes from a big-box store. Just 10 cool kid seats with lots of curves, color, pattern, and texture. Little tots love animals. Bet the love the bunny rocker, sheep, bambi, and cow chairs too. Boys love food. Bet the banana chair is a hit. Looks like the perfect place to […]

Aug 252014
Make Geography and History Fun with USA Block Puzzle

Have you ever heard of “Game of the States? It was a popular Milton Bradley game in years past, now a vintage treasure. The point of the game was delivering goods from coast to coast, selling for a profit. Winner had highest profits. From this game, kids (ages 8 to 15) learned not only where […]

Aug 182014
Color Wheel Puzzle a Paradox

The Color Wheel Puzzle. A product that is both a good idea and a bad idea at the same time. How? Good Idea: Teaches kids color theory at an early age by showing what happens when primary colors are combined. Great for elementary school art lessons. Bad Idea: It has small parts and carries a […]

Jul 032014
Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Kids' Rooms

It’s a little vintage. It’s a little coastal. It’s a lot patriotic. What is it? Stars and stripes added to red, white, and blue kids’ rooms. Just a few touches here and there is all you need to celebrate Independence Day. Mount an oversize flag on the wall. Add stars and stripes pillows to the […]

Jun 122014
9 Kid-Friendly Beach House Entry Outdoor Showers

When I ran across this first image last year, I got really excited. Having lived near the beach for 9 years, I know all too well that sand, sun, and surf follows your every step home, clinging to every surface. Yes, you can rinse off at one of the beach showers (surrounded by piles of […]

Jun 092014
Awesome Seashell Shower Spout

Sometimes you find something that has everything going for it. This seashell shower spout is one of those things. Everything like: Outdoor shower? Check. Coastal design? Check. Near the beach? Check. Tropical paradise? Check. Add to this list a-most-awesome-way-to-use-a-seashell and you have this sweet little gem…..and a place your kids will want to shower. Often. […]

May 292014
8 Ultra Cool Toddler Rocking Toys

Toddlers are attached to their rooms and their stuff. Just try to take something away and you will see what I mean! Provide your toddler with a rocking toy like one of these and they will definitely become attached… well as rock to their heart’s content. Here are 8 ultra cool rocking toys….from animals to […]

Oct 302013
Kids' Rooms.....Cool Curvy Cutouts

The curve, similar to a line…….but it’s not required to be straight. It’s the perfect solution for a room that is too square (and boring), especially for those teens and tweens who live life just a little differently than the rest of us. Curvy cutouts instantly change boxy bedrooms to ultra cool kid retreats—like one […]

Oct 072013
Luckey Climbers.....Coolest Play Areas Ever

Ever taken your kids to a playground with the connecting tubes that look like a giant hamster cage? You know, the ones the kids climb to the farthest reaches when you tell them it’s time to go? Here’s a new twist on climbers that are amazing, awesome kid-magnets…..but warning, the kids may never come down. […]