Jul 172013
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Rockin' Red}

The color red has a huge impact on our emotions and perceptions. Perhaps that is why I chose “rockin’ red” to describe kids’ room color schemes in red. Color has the power to attract and engage—and red is certainly the able to do both. It is highly visible and gets noticed….fire trucks, stop signs, and […]

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Jul 112013
How to Use Triadic Color Schemes in Kids' Rooms

Triadic color schemes are the most difficult of all because it is easy to slip into harshness using strong colors. Using a triadic scheme in kids’ rooms is not impossible to do. It just takes a better understanding of how to incorporate other design principles in order to be successful. Triadic schemes consist of three […]

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Jun 282013
Analogous Kids' Room Color Schemes

Even easier than monochromatic schemes and often more interesting, analogous color schemes for kids’ rooms combine color without clashing. Why is it easier? Because they share common hues on the wheel making color selection a cinch. Analogous schemes virtually guarantee harmony. Analogous color scheme consists of one primary color and one secondary color plus an […]

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Jun 212013
Monochromatic Kids' Room Color Schemes

Color is the “difference maker” that effectively enhances any kids’ room décor but choosing harmonious combinations is also the difference maker. Get it wrong and it’s a disaster. Avoiding color combination disasters is easier to do when you use a monochromatic color scheme in kids’ rooms. So what is a monochromatic color scheme? Quite simply […]

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Jun 202013
Blue is for Girls' Rooms Too

Blue. While generally associated with boys when it comes to bedroom color schemes, I just want to point out… is for girls’ rooms too! Soft baby blues, greyed blues, and indigo of denim blue jeans are popular for girls’ rooms, especially when paired with white. Besides being calming, cooling, and serene, blue represents intelligence, confidence, […]

May 292013
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Obviously Orange}

Some colors in kids’ rooms take center stage while others retreat into the background….but you when you walk into a room that is obviously orange, it is noticeable. Orange is a mixture of red and yellow giving it attributes of both colors—the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. Sounds like a pretty good […]

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May 242013
How to Use Tints, Tones, and Shades in Kids' Room Color Schemes

Unless you have spent time mixing colors, the differences between tints, tones, and shades may seem a little unclear. But using them in kids’ rooms doesn’t have to be a mystery. Tints, tones, and shades indicate lightness or darkness of color, which is sometimes referred to as color “value”. It adds variety to a color […]

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May 162013
How to Use Chroma and Intensity in Kids' Room Color Schemes

Kids’ love bright colors in their rooms, but let’s face it……parents don’t. Seeing neon green, hot pink, and other in-your-face color each time you open the bedroom door can be hard to take. But they want it. So, just how do you use chroma and intensity in in kids’ room color schemes and make both […]

May 152013
Kids' Room Color Schemes {Cotton Candy Pink}

Soft cotton candy pink rooms….brings back lots of memories from childhood. Everything in my room was pink (except the ceiling) and my mom loved it! When we think of kids’ room color schemes, pink is for babies and little girls. Why? Here is what we know about pink: Considered tender, delicate, and soothing Implies innocence—being […]

Apr 252013
Warm and Cool Color Schemes for Teen Rooms

What is it that makes colors warm or cool? Could it be a physiological link to fiery red or sunny yellow hues creating warmth? Or maybe the emotional connection to ocean blue that keeps us cool? Either way, knowing how to use warm and cool color schemes for teen rooms makes a difference in comfort. […]