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Feb 112014
Trendy Star Studded Baby Nursery

  Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky.   Stars. Those luminous points in the night sky used for celestial navigation have long been part of nursery décor. Nursery rhymes like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and songs like “When You […]

Dec 272012
Unique Kids' Room Ceiling Attachments

Wouldn’t your kids just love a unique ceiling attachment in their playroom like this upside-down-picnic-table? Oh, yeah! In previous posts we covered paint, paper, wood, and fabric ceilings…..now it’s time for attachments. While technically not part of the ceiling, attachments are definitely a decorative treatment that can be used in any kids’ room. Attachments are […]

Dec 262012
Beautiful Medallions for Kids' Room Ceilings

Popular in the 19th century, ceiling medallions have made a huge comeback, especially in kids’ room design, adding beauty and architectural detail to an oft-neglected surface. Historically, medallions were made of ornately designed metal, plaster or marble with size and detail a reflection of status and room’s importance. Today’s ceiling medallions come in a variety […]

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Nov 292012
Kids' Room Ceiling Fabric Ideas

Want to add an impressive twist to a kids’ room ceiling? Try applying fabric to the ceiling instead of paint, wood, or paper. Any one of three basic types of fabric applications for ceilings—flat, shirred, or draped—will add “wow” to a room. Flat Fabric can be applied directly to the ceiling, just like wallpaper, using […]

Nov 192012
Woodwork on Kids' Room Ceilings

Long before plaster and gypsum, there was wood….so woodwork on kids’ room ceilings is really nothing new. Because it was used more often a few generations back, many have not experienced the warmth, unique style, and comfortable look wood adds to a room. Improving space overhead with wood can take a kid’s room design to […]

Nov 012012
Papering Ideas for Kids' Room Ceilings

There is only one place in kids’ rooms that is safe from handprints, dirt, markers, and crayons….the ceiling, and it is the perfect place to add (wall)paper! So far in the kids’ room ceiling essentials I covered color, murals, and paint. Now it’s time for papering ideas for kids’ room ceilings. Some of the same […]

Oct 182012
Painted Perfection on Kids' Room Ceilings

Taking a ceiling from dull to dramatic can be accomplished so many different ways. Using color and murals on kids’ room ceilings has already been covered and both methods use paint…..but painted perfection on kids’ room ceilings ramps up the excitement a bit more! I can hear you asking, “Just what does “painted perfection mean?” […]

Oct 112012
Kids' Room Ceiling Murals

Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel on his back. Just sayin’…. Not that you have to do that, but if it makes you feel more artistic to paint your kids’ room ceiling mural the same way, go right ahead. Or you could hire a professional muralist to do the job. Either way, your kids will love […]

Sep 272012
Using Color on Kids' Room Ceilings

Floors, walls, and furnishings get plenty of attention but ceiling design is rarely considered. It is the most neglected space in the room. If you want to add an exciting dimension to a room, dress up the ceiling…..and it can be done easily in kids’ rooms by using color on the ceiling. Color is the […]

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