Care and Maintenance

KidSpace Stuff blog posts covering care and maintenance of finishes, furnishings, and accessories for any room used by kids.

Mar 282013
Spotting Quality Construction in Kids' Furniture

First, let me say…..the information in this post is by no means a comprehensive list of every feature of quality furniture. It is however a starting point for spotting quality construction in kids’ furniture when you go shopping. Before we get into specifics, here are a few must haves and things to watch for in […]

Jun 122012
Home Activity Center Essentials

Keeping kids busy when school’s out or during holiday break can be a chore. Want to keep them busy and away from the TV? Create a home activity center! An activity center need not be costly but if you want to encourage creation and play, a few specific essentials are necessary. Work Surface and Seating […]

May 082012
Family Home Cleaning System

“Not the cards, mom!” You would think by their wailing I was inflicting the greatest punishment ever. Nope. Just routine house cleaning my kids were required to do….some daily, some weekly, some monthly. The cards were part of a system I devised to achieve two goals: regular cleaning and teaching the kids to clean their […]

Apr 262012
Teaching Kids to Clean their Rooms

Seasonal changes often prompt us to clear out the clutter and hit hard on deep cleaning to remove dust bunnies under the bed, scrub fingerprints from walls, and obliterate dirt in kidspaces. “Spring cleaning” can be less of a chore when regular cleaning is habitual. Sure. Easy to say but how do you get kids […]

Dec 152011
Why is Kids' Room Carpet Padding Necessary?

Carpet padding….I know, boring topic but stay with me. It’ll save you money in the end. Out of sight and oft forgotten, padding seems to be just another expense when selecting kids’ room carpet but it is necessary and just as important as the carpet. Why? 4 Reasons Carpet Padding is Necessary Here are four […]

Dec 012011
Proper Care of Kids' Room Area Rugs

What “job” does your kids’ room area rug have….floor-protector or dirt-catcher? Probably both. Dirt, stains, odors, fuzz, and pilling are part of heavy-duty rug use in kids’ rooms but taking routine, preventative, and emergency steps can prolong the beauty and life of your investment. Here are a few tips for proper care of kids’ room […]