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KidSpace Stuff blog posts on boys’ room interior design ideas, from newborn through teen.

Aug 212014
Boys' Bedroom Study Desk Ideas

Having had both boys and girls, I can tell you from experience that boys are low-maintenance when it comes to bedrooms……and study desks are even less than low on the totem pole. Boys only require three things when studying: 1) a place to sit, 2) a place to write, and 3) a place to put […]

Mar 262014
More Boys' Baseball Themed Rooms

Baseball season and spring fever are natural companions. As soon as the weather starts warming, baseball mitts come out of storage and kids everywhere hit the diamond. In the lower USA, spring training is coming to an end and MLB season is about to begin. Little league teams have formed and started practice. Yep. Spring […]

Mar 172014
Using Vintage Lockers in Boys' Rooms

Warmth. My first thought when I spotted this set of vintage lockers. Something about vintage wood that adds a touch of warmth to any room. Perfect for boys’ rooms. That was my second thought. I have always loved using lockers for storage of sports equipment but cold, metal lockers were too noisy to be used […]

Mar 132014
Boys' Cowboy Theme Bedroom

Have a boy into horses, cowboy hats, chaps, and boots beggin’ for a ranch room to corral their gear? Cowboy style, just like the open range, is always a lure for boys. Best part for you? Boys’ cowboy themed bedrooms are as easy to design as letting cowboy clichés roll off the tongue. How elaborate […]

Nov 142013
Kids' Room Pattern Essentials {Checks}

This post is about the 3rd of 5 basic pattern shapes in the Kids’ Room Pattern Essentials Series—crossed horizontal and vertical lines that form squares, more commonly know as checks. Most people think gingham when they think of checked patterns. Gingham is a plain, woven fabric with white and one other color, like shown in […]

Nov 052013
Use Accessories to Create Kids' Room Theme {Airplane}

  There are a couple of reasons I really like using accessories to create kids’ room themes—you can focus on a kid’s hobby or interest, you can change themes quickly, and your investment is minimal (compared to themed furniture.) Have a kid interested in flying? The airplane creates a fabulous aviation themed room. From vintage […]

Sep 242013
Cars + Winding Road = Happy Boys

Ever notice how little boys have the innate ability to make engine noises while pushing toy cars along a winding road? Ever notice how happy boys are when making those noises? Miniature cars are one of the best kid toys ever invented. They bring out the imagination in boys like no other and can be […]

Sep 182013
Super Kids' Storybook Bedrooms

Princesses, knights in shining armor, castles, and enchanted kingdoms in far away lands……those are the stories of childhood that fill days with magical moments. Does your child have a favorite fairytale? Mine was always Cinderella with Rapunzel coming in a close second. Both were stories I read time and time again. Kids’ room designs inspired […]

Aug 272013
Cozy Boy's Room Corners

What makes a corner “cozy”? It offers a place to relax. It provides comfort and warmth, all the while allowing security amid privacy. That’s what makes a corner cozy….even in boys’ rooms. Cozy corners are perfect for reading, lounging, or talking to friends. Boys use corners for thinking about the future or pondering the past. […]

Aug 212013
Awesome Animal Patterns Used in Kids' Bedrooms

When you want a hint of the exotic rather than being immersed in a jungle themed kids’ room, using animal pattern textiles is the perfect solution…..and there are some really awesome prints available. To evoke an atmosphere of distant lands (while remaining reassuringly conventional), start by choosing your favorite jungle animal. If it’s for baby’s […]