Baby Nursery

KidSpace Stuff blog posts covering interior design ideas for baby’s nursery.

Dec 162014
Baby Nursery White Christmas

Baby….White….Christmas. Just musing a bit here as I write. Those three are a perfect trio…..the innocence of a newborn baby, the purity of white, and the celebration of Christmas. What better reminder of the reason we celebrate can we have during baby’s first Christmas than to adorn the room of the littlest angel in the […]

Jun 182014
Sweet Coastal Baby Nurseries

Whether you live near the beach or just love rooms that remind you of the beach, designing a sweet coastal baby nursery is easy to achieve. All it takes is choosing the right color scheme, keeping the room bright and airy, and incorporating the right amount of coastal art and accessories. Want the beach at […]

Mar 142014
Kids' Rooms: Creative Ways to Mix Old and New

Here’s a “how-to” you may not have considered—creative ways to mix old and new in your kids’ rooms. You may already be doing this but just don’t realize it. All it takes is one or two carefully selected pieces in one style added to a room designed around the other style to make it work. […]

Feb 272014
One Baby Crib, Seven Totally Awesome Nurseries

Is more than one baby in your family’s future plans? If so, are you concerned your baby crib may lock you into one nursery style forever? Doesn’t have to, especially when you use a classic style baby crib. By classic, I don’t mean “traditional”. Classic simply means it never goes out of style; it has […]

Feb 262014
All White Baby Nursery Ideas

When you think of an all-white baby nursery, what comes to mind? A sterile room, zero color, and cold as snow? A clean palette of white has become a popular backdrop for the baby nursery, but an “all-white” design means the predominate color is white…..not a whiteout or total absence of color. The wonderful thing […]

Feb 202014
The Simply Elegant Baby Nursery

Have you seen elegantly and lavishly decorated baby nurseries? They are certainly beautiful to behold….but when you want a just a touch of grace and style, what is it that makes a baby nursery “simply elegant”? Elegance is subjective, but there are specific design components that take a room from charming to elegant. Here are […]

Feb 182014
Cozy Baby Nursery Corners

Anywhere in the house, curling up in a cozy corner offers an automatic feeling of surround and immediate security…..but nothing matches the enchantment of snuggling with a tiny little bundle in cozy baby nursery corners. A cozy nursery corner can be a place of renewal after a restless night. It can be an origin of […]

Feb 122014
Small Space Nursery Ideas

Preparing for baby’s arrival is an exciting time for families and often includes trying to fit baby’s little universe into the smallest room in the house. To make everything fit without creating clutter requires small space nursery ideas or guidelines. Guidelines for maximizing small spaces is basically the same for any room in the house, […]

Feb 112014
Trendy Star Studded Baby Nursery

  Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky.   Stars. Those luminous points in the night sky used for celestial navigation have long been part of nursery décor. Nursery rhymes like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and songs like “When You […]

Feb 072014
Baby Nursery Decor Series: Elegant Storage Cabinets

Armoire: a wardrobe or movable cabinet, typically one that is ornate or antique. Or, in other words—an elegant storage cabinet. If your baby nursery décor is lacking direction and you need a little design style, think “elegance”…..and it’s easily achieved by adding the right storage cabinet. But when you think “elegance”, don’t confuse it with […]