Activity and Craft Rooms

KidSpace Stuff blog posts on activity and craft rooms used by kids, tweens, and teens.

Jun 252012
Activity Centers Need Cool Containers

Devoting space to kids’ activities relieves pressure on other parts of your home. If you have created a home activity center and you want your kids to keep busy using it…..get rid of boring storage. Activity centers need cool containers for storing supplies. Colorful, unusual, modern, vintage. Think outside the box. Take any container, think […]

Jun 152012
Choosing Activity Center Furniture

One of the essentials of a home activity center is proper furniture and not just any furniture will work…..if you want to keep messy activities under control. Spills, splashes, smears, and stains are inevitable when glue, paint, markers, and water are involved. Here are a few tips on how to choose activity center furniture to […]

Jun 142012
Activity Center Storage Ideas

Storage is one of the five must-haves mentioned in Home Activity Center Essentials. Be it freestanding or built-in, closed or open, activity center storage requirements are more specialized than those used in kids’ bedrooms or playrooms. It requires much more organization. Large drawers or bins are out and multiple containers of various sizes are in. […]

Jun 132012
Activity Centers Need Space

In a previous series of posts on kids’ playroom creation, we covered how to designate space for play using converted, divided, or found space. Same principles apply here….activity centers need space too but let’s get a little more specific with these ideas. Converted Space Convert a small bedroom or other seldom-used room into an activity […]

Jun 122012
Home Activity Center Essentials

Keeping kids busy when school’s out or during holiday break can be a chore. Want to keep them busy and away from the TV? Create a home activity center! An activity center need not be costly but if you want to encourage creation and play, a few specific essentials are necessary. Work Surface and Seating […]

Jun 112012
Home Activity Center Series

It doesn’t take long when school’s out for summer or a holiday break for parents to begin hearing kids say, “I’m bored” and “there’s nothing to do.” Solve the problem by creating a home activity center that will combat boredom year round. Read the Home Activity Center Series for helpful ideas to help you create […]

Dec 062011
Properly Lighting a Kid's Room - Part 2

Properly lighting a kid’s room takes three types of light—ambient, task, and accent. In part 1 we covered ambient light. In part 2, we’ll cover task and accent light…..and why it is an important part of room décor. Light Up a Task Activities of a concentrated nature require higher levels of illumination than can be […]