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Sep 152014
It's the Little Things {Swinging Monkey}

Another really great idea in the “It’s the Little Things” segment. If you have forgotten or don’t know what’s important about little things in kids’ room design, read my first “Little Things” post about the painted mouse door, then come back here and this will make more sense. This all white room? It’s a cute […]

Aug 252014
Make Geography and History Fun with USA Block Puzzle

Have you ever heard of “Game of the States? It was a popular Milton Bradley game in years past, now a vintage treasure. The point of the game was delivering goods from coast to coast, selling for a profit. Winner had highest profits. From this game, kids (ages 8 to 15) learned not only where […]

Jul 032014
Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Kids' Rooms

It’s a little vintage. It’s a little coastal. It’s a lot patriotic. What is it? Stars and stripes added to red, white, and blue kids’ rooms. Just a few touches here and there is all you need to celebrate Independence Day. Mount an oversize flag on the wall. Add stars and stripes pillows to the […]

Jul 012014
Ways to use Starfish and Shells as Coastal Kids' Room Accessories

  Beachcombing gets in the blood. Once a kid starts looking for treasures on the beach, it becomes an every-trip-to-the-beach-obsession. From starfish to seashells of every shape and size, kids love to collect…..often bringing home buckets full. So what do you do with all those shells? Most common use is to fill jars with a […]

Jun 262014
10 Super Driftwood Sailboats to Use in Beach Theme Kids' Rooms

Each one is totally unique. From the shape and color of the wood to the material used for the sail to the little details that add the finishing touch, driftwood sailboats are super accessories in beach theme kids’ rooms. Create your own as a keepsake to celebrate your trip or find one created by a […]

Jun 192014
Coastal Kids' Room Rope Accessories

Forget the shine. Forget the glamour. When you’re at the beach house or hanging out near the coast, life is a little more relaxed… are furnishings and accessories you use in coastal kids’ room décor. Want to add a little lighthearted feel to your coastal kids’ room? Use rope accessories for a true-to-theme touch. Purchased […]

May 152014
Toddler Rooms: Ways to Use Adorable Stuffed Animals

Some ideas are just so cute you want to squeeze them—like the ways to use adorable stuffed animals in toddler rooms that I found. Ok, so you may not be able to squeeze an idea, but the bears are squeezable! I already discussed IN and ON for displaying stuffed animals, now it’s time for a […]

Apr 222014
It's the Little Things {Teen Shoe Boxes}

Another really great idea in the “It’s the Little Things” segment. Does your teen girl have a closet or bedroom corner for flinging shoes (a.k.a. “storage”). Have a problem solver that made the little things list……shoeboxes. Now these aren’t your everyday boring brought-from-the-store-shoeboxes-when-she-bought-the-shoes. These are worthy of teen room accessory display. These stacking storage boxes […]

Apr 042014
Teen Girl's Room Accessory Storage Ideas

As I mentioned in the series intro, teen girls have more gear than infants….even with all the ruffled socks, tiny shoes, and stretchy headbands babies have, teen girls still have more stuff. With hats, scarves, jewelry, and bags (and we’re not talking just outerwear), girls’ heads, necks, and arms are accessory magnets. Adequate accessory storage […]

Mar 212014
Recycling Vintage File Drawers for Teen Room Accessories

It is amazing to me how quickly objects we use everyday become obsolete. Do you remember library card catalogs? I’m not talking library catalog accessed on the computer. I mean real paper cards inside multiple little file drawers. Library card catalog drawers have now become part of history and probably something you and your kids […]