About KidSpace Stuff or (Simply)….Who We Are

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Really the we is me. Maybe in the future it will be we, but for now….. it’s me.

  • A wife, mom (6 kids), and grandma (20 at last count) who happens to be an interior designer by trade. (See my design credentials here.)
  • A designer who loves kid spaces and stuff that create great rooms.
  • Someone who loves computers and all modern time-saving gadgets that increase efficiency, productivity, and reduces housework. Ok…that’s a little random, but true.

KidSpace Stuff is my blog and is….

  • A place where I share the cool stuff I find for kids rooms…..and there’s lots to share!
  • A way to help families with kids solve the challenges of kidspace and sprawling kidstuff.
  • A means of introducing great design and style into the lives of children.
  • A companion to KidSpace Interiors, my interior design services website.
  • An outlet for sharing my experience and wisdom gained as a mom (I promise to not get on my soapbox too often) as well as expertise and knowledge as an interior designer.

Hope you enjoy browsing through the blog posts, but mostly hope you find answers to challenges or products that fit your needs. Any service I can render or question I can answer, feel free to let me know. I am here to help you with the dilemma caused by kidspace stuff!

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