Dec 162014

Just musing a bit here as I write. Those three are a perfect trio…..the innocence of a newborn baby, the purity of white, and the celebration of Christmas.

What better reminder of the reason we celebrate can we have during baby’s first Christmas than to adorn the room of the littlest angel in the house with white decorations? If you already have a white nursery, decorating it for the holidays will be a cinch.

The best part of decorating a newborn’s nursery? You can use antiques, heirlooms, and other delicate items (as long as there aren’t toddlers in the house!) because everything will stay in place.
vintage christmas baby nursery decor

baby nursery white christmas decor ideas

(Above) White cloth bags filled with tiny gifts for Christmas countdown and tied with twine hang from a ladder, watched over by a soft, stuffed bear. Be sure to add a tree or other greenery to add warmth to the room.

(Right) Sweet vintage baby shoes and a few sprigs of greenery look adorable hanging from knobs on a wardrobe or armoire cabinet.

(Below) White yarn and fabric covered “Christmas tree” cones, a tiny green wreath hanging on baby’s blessing gown, and sprigs of greenery intertwined with nursery accessories add a soft touch of Christmas to a dresser top.


quick and easy baby nursery christmas decor

antique toy horses for baby nursery white christmas

(Above) Antique toy horses paired with a mistletoe branch and holiday candle add a little spark of Christmas light to a shelf of accessories. Adorable.

(Below) A vintage mantle and door serve as a classic  backdrop for a Christmas tree adorned with white bows, stockings, birds, and butterflies. The bear and baby shoes on the mantle leave a delightful impression of sweetness.

white christmas decor ideas for baby nursery

christmas decor in vintage white baby nursery

(Above) For a few weeks, replace heirloom baby clothing usually hanging on hooks. Instead, hang silver hearts with white satin ribbon, heart shaped greenery and miniature metal houses from a vintage wire hanger. Flank with evergreen branches in clear glass bowls of water. Heavenly scent.

(Below) Surround a white vintage-look rocker with soft, plush animals and hang a star mobile for added effect. The expressions on these sweet animals are reminiscent of the first Christmas scene. White paper chain adds a timeless touch.

baby nursery white christmas

Baby. White. Christmas. They are the epitome of innocence, purity, and perfection and when a white baby’s nursery is decorated for Christmas, you create a dreamy room full of holiday magic…..and a special reminder of the reason for the season.


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