Nov 292014

painted snowman countdown to christmas

Kids just sense it. Christmas is coming….and when December 1st is just around the corner they start asking “how much longer?”

Make your life a little easier and keep those faces full of excitement by giving them a way to countdown to Christmas.

Found some really easy ideas using stuff you probably have at home (for those who have waited ‘til the last minute) and are simple to put together…..but become the center of your kids’ holiday decorations.

Here are 15 easy countdown to Christmas ideas:



easy christmas countdown ideas for kids

No. 1 – Stenciled numbers on brown bags filled with goodies hang from a banner on furniture or can be placed on the wall.


advent calendar for kids

No. 2 – Wrap your treat in matching paper and embellish with printed stickers, string and buttons.


countdown to christmas ideas

No. 3 – Fill drawstring cloth bags stenciled with each day’s number and hang on a simple wooden tree on the wall.


wrapping paper roll countdown to christmas ideas kids christmas countdown ideas
No. 4 – Gift wrap covered paper rolls, numbered and embellished with ornaments are filled with goodies wrapped and tied. Easy to make with stuff at home. No. 5 – Commandeer a necktie hanger and use for hanging small gifts wrapped in kraft paper or Christmas wrap and tied with string.


countdown to christmas board

No. 6 – Gifts wrapped in white tissue paper and tied with string are clothes-pined to a board stenciled with numbers.


toilet paper rolls filled with goodies for countdown to christmas

No. 7 – Repurpose toilet paper rolls and cardboard to create a “house” of gifts. Stuff, close the ends, glue together and hang on the wall. Cute…..and easy!


countdown to christmas beach theme

No. 8 – Ribbon,  jute, and fabric scraps in various patterns and beachy colors easily cover little gifts that fit in a 25-compartment vintage drawer turned on its side.


magnet boxes form a tree for christmas countdown

No. 9 – Identical size boxes wrapped in various Christmas papers form a tree shape. Fill, wrap, add a magnet to the back and hang on the fridge.


envelopes clipped to lace for christmas countdown tree with gifts for christmas countdown
No. 10 – White envelopes opened on one end are stuffed with little treats, numbered, and hanging on strips of lace. No. 11 – House shaped boxes in red and white Christmas designs hang from a tree branch brought indoors for the holidays.


countdown to christmas ideas

No. 12 – Drawstring bags with wooden ornaments hang from strings. Fill each bag with treats and an ornament too!


hershey kiss advent calendar

No. 13 – Who can resist a chocolate-kiss-a-day until Christmas! No gifts to wrap. Just need to find the right box to add numbers and colorful Christmas paper.


mason jars with ribbons for advent calendar

No. 14 – Line up canning jars filled with goodies, tagged with numbers, and tied with red ribbon for a fun way to countdown to Christmas. Seeing the treats heightens anticipation!


countdown to christmas ideas

No. 15 – Want a simple no treat idea? Try hanging a small board painted with chalkboard paint for kids to write the number each day.

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