Sep 152014

swing monkey on toddler room shelfAnother really great idea in the “It’s the Little Things” segment.

If you have forgotten or don’t know what’s important about little things in kids’ room design, read my first “Little Things” post about the painted mouse door, then come back here and this will make more sense.

This all white room? It’s a cute little room. It’s the subtle touches of pink that tell you this sweet space belongs to a girl. Well, maybe the name on the banner too.

So what’s the little thing here? It’s the monkey swinging from the shelf. Take that away and the room is cute, but not memorable. Monkeys have a way of leaving an unforgettable impression.

Kind of like Curious George, one of my favorite kids’ books. Or a visit to the zoo and the kids laughing at the orangutan chewing gum and smearing it on the window.

Monkeys make a room memorable, especially when swinging from a shelf.

It’s the little things…..



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