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abc pillows for toddler room

PILLOWS – toddlers will lie on them, finger them, carry them around. Use for recognition games as you teach each letter and pillow fights for fun!

Learning to read begins with something as simple as learning the ABC’s. Most preschooler’s know their ABC’s by the time they are three years old.

But when and how do you start teaching a kid to recognize the funny little shapes that added together properly comprise thoughts, ideas, and plans that move the world?

Most parents already know this…. start when they are toddlers. Toddlers have such a great capacity to learn. They are like little sponges soaking up their surroundings, curious about everything and stopping at nothing.

The “how-to” teach the ABC’s is the bigger question. Part of the surroundings toddlers are soaking up are in their bedroom and it’s the perfect place to start teaching the ABC’s…..using artwork and accessories.

Found some cool and a little unusual as well as common and cute ways to get the ABC’s in front of your toddler.

custom abc letters made from wood

WALL ART – ABC’s in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors can create an awesome teaching tool for toddlers and fabulous wall art to decorate their room.

abc wall paper with animals

WALLPAPER – Larger than life letters on the wall with animals crawling through are enticing to toddlers…..and a great way for parents to lie on the bed and teach the ABC’s while talking about each letter.

framed abcs on baby nursery wall

FRAMED ART – Use identical frames to house a set of ABC prints and place on the wall above a toddler bed or crib……for those quiet moments before the day begins or ends when little eyes study their surroundings.

aimee-weaver abc framed artwork

PRINTABLE ART – Take your favorite printable ABC art and place behind a salvaged window frame for quick and easy artwork. Keep it low enough for toddlers to see but high enough to keep little fingers from removing art from the wall.

animal abc plates on wall

PLATES – Hang on the wall for décor, take down and use for mealtime. Now that will add excitement to lunch!

abc cards on string over toddler desk

FLASH CARDS – Hang on the wall as art when not in use, pull down for teaching time with your toddler. Kids will love the colorful shapes and images.


Other ideas for teaching toddlers their ABC’s include hardware like drawer knobs in alphabet shapes or blocks in a basket, both of which toddlers can touch.

Tracing shapes with fingers, seeing both large and small sizes and in a variety of colors will help with recognition…..but the best part is the fun you will have spending time with your tot.


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