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white wash vintage trunk for teen room color schemeA room with the absence of color—black, gray, white—has become quite the popular trend in kids’ room color schemes…..but is a whitewashed room really the absence of color?

White is the reflection of most wavelengths of visible light and is actually the combination of all colors in the visible spectrum mixed together.

Just like any other color, white affects both the mind and the body. Here’s what we know about the color white:

  • It is inherently positive depicting a successful beginning.
  • It is a symbol of purity—good guys wear white in the movies, brides wear white, angels are typically depicted wearing white or having a white glow.
  • It affects the mind by aiding in mental clarity promoting feelings of renewal or a fresh start.
  • It is used to represent simplicity, innocence, perfection, honesty, and cleanliness.

In a whitewashed room, texture takes center stage. Nubby fabrics appear coarser, matte surfaces appear duller, and shiny surfaces appear more reflective. A whitewashed room provides the perfect backdrop for highlighting artwork and accessories.

Take a look at these awesome kids’ rooms and notice the textures plus how art and accessories become focal points.

all white teen room ideas

neutral white attic teen retreat

kids activity center in modern all white room

kids room all white color scheme

all white baby nursery

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