Jul 162014
cherry red window seat cushion

Smaller solid red accessories are surrounded by white but it’s the red and white seat cushion that best ties it together without minimizing the impact.


Have you heard the term a “pop of color”? Often bantered around designer circles it means bold, bright colors used in small doses to catch the eye.

Cherry or fire engine red is one of those pops found in kids’ room color schemes. The vibrant red is energetic and intense and an all-time kid favorite.

Red is highly visible, even in small doses so it doesn’t take much to make the color really “pop”. The key is avoiding too much intensity in too many places without subduing the color’s strength.

So, how is it done, you ask? Use small doses of red for attention but use neutrals to lessen the impact. Like this……


red wall in attic kids room

The best way to use bold red on the wall is to use in small areas. Surrounded by warm wood, wicker, and soft white reduces intensity but not effect.

kids room color scheme cherry red

Using bright red in small spaces is tricky but possible. Solid blocks of red are used only on the pillows providing a focal point while smaller blocks of red are worked into the patchwork quilt.

kids room color scheme cherry red and white

Several solid blocks of red accessories are used in this shared kids’ room but notice the pops of red are all in the lower half of the room which keeps eyes from darting around the room too much if red had been used up high as well.

red furniture in baby nursery

Furniture is another ideal place to use a pop of bold color, especially when surrounded by neutral walls, floor and ceiling. The red baby crib catches the eye first when entering the nursery.

red furniture in toddler bedroom

While red is used in three places, size takes precedence. The eye is first drawn to the storage cabinet, the largest and most important “pop” of color, then to the bed frame and finally the clock on the wall…..large to small to tiny and all surrounded by neutrals.

Red indeed has the power to add vitality to a room and all it takes as pop of color in the right place to be effective.



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