Jul 242014

summer cabin bunk room

Summer. Who doesn’t love summer and all it offers? Time for travel and vacation. Time for family reunions and get-togethers with friends…..and what better place for the kids to sleep during your trips than a cozy summer cabin bunk room.

(Above) Sliding barn doors make the bunkroom entrance accessible as well as enticing. Easy for hauling luggage in and out, easy for kids to open and close (without slamming!), and easy for parents to get a full view of the cozy room full of bunk beds.

(Below) Large pine beams lend both support and design aesthetic to this western style cabin bunkroom. The super soft comforters take the edge off by providing a cozy cocoon surrounded by warm wood and natural colors. Below bed storage keeps the small space clutter free.

summer cabin bunk rooms for kids western style

summer cabin bunk room nautical theme

(Above) This cozy corridor bunkroom is reminiscent of below deck sleeping berths but with privacy curtains. You can see the nautical influence with bell shaped sconces and lantern lamp, navy and white stripes, slat wood ceiling, ships wheel, and grommets on pillow covers. Perfect little coastline summer bunkroom for six.

(Below) This whitewashed cabin bunkroom design works on the coast or a mountain lake where fishing is the #1 activity. Perfect for teens with bigger bodies that need a little more space to sleep than kiddos. A little rustic, a little casual…..and a lot of fun for telling fish tales.

kids summer cabin bunk room

nautical summer cabin bunk room

(Above) Line up the beds, cover with throws, and toss on the pillow for a bunkroom “sea of beds”. Closeness begets conversation. Comfort begets coziness. This room is a cozy conversation chamber…..and kids will love the individual trunks at the foot of each bed.

(Below) Natural light and light colors add spaciousness to this cabin bunkroom. The low ceiling makes it cozy….as does the addition of ottomans, poufs, and pillows used for comfort while visiting with bunkmates.

summer cabin bunk room for four

Coastline or mountain side, cabin bunk rooms are best enjoyed when filled with love, laughter, and fun with family……especially when you have plenty of space to hang out together.

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