Jun 112014

Blue striped bedding in kids beach theme room

Stripes are an ideal beginning to beachy kids’ room decor, especially in varying shades of blue mixed with white. Why? Two reasons—blue represents both sea and sky, and white is the hallmark of coastal interiors.

Coastal interiors often blur the line between indoors and outdoors which is part of the magic in beach theme rooms. You always feel the water is right there. White amplifies the light, allowing sunshine to expand and fill the space.

Using varying shades of a single color (blue in this case) is the key to staying consistent with your design and if you haven’t already noticed, beachcomber décor is laden with blue.

Stripes are always a hit with kids, knowing no gender nor age boundaries plus, using stripes adds a little liveliness to beach-chic design.

Stripes can be used in so many areas of the room……

blue and white chevron strip area rug in coastal kids room

…..it may be chevron shape but it is still blue and white stripes.

blue white striped draperies in coastal kids room

…..wide blue and white stripes on draperies (and notice the soft blue stripes on the folded blanket?).

light blue white striped area rug in coastal teen room

…..varying widths and hues of blue and white stripes on an area rug.

blue white striped floor pillows in teen coastal room

…..a hint of blue with white and gray stripes on floor pillows.

blue white striped bedding in kids coastal room

…..soft blues and wide stripes on bedspreads, smaller but darker blue stripes on pillows.

Love the color blue in kids’ rooms? Here are a few more ideas for you: Beachside Blues for Teen Rooms, Blue is for Girls’ Rooms Too, and Blue Variations for Boys’ Rooms.

For a primer on how to best use stripes in kids’ rooms see Kids’ Room Pattern Essentials {Stripes}.


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