May 062014

toddler room storage ideas with baskets and low shelvesNeither here nor there. That’s what toddlers are… longer babies but not kids yet. Your precious baby has turned into a small person who is mobile but not aware of dangers, always on the move… fast as possible, and hardwired to explore

It’s the combination of the mobility, speed, and curiosity that challenges parents. Thankfully the toddler phase is short however, that’s where toddler room design becomes a challenge. It needs to be more than a nursery but less than a kid’s room, but only for a short time.

And that’s where the Toddler Room Idea Series can help. This series will address both problem areas and transitioning from nursery to kids room. The topics are:

  • Perfect Toddler Room Play Areas – See ways to design play areas in a toddler’s room that is safe, secure, and sized to toddler bodies
  • Toddler Room Super Storage Ideas – Learn the best ideas for storing stuff in toddler rooms for accessibility, adaptability, organization, and clutter control.
  • Relaxing Reading Areas for Toddlers – Introducing kids to books at a young age will help their development in so many ways. Get ideas for inviting reading areas for toddlers… mom can relax a few minutes while toddlers sit still!

Watch for posts that plan for safety while still accommodating a toddler’s sense of adventure, encourages limited independence with sensibility, and help parents with organization and other mundane room necessities.

fabulous toddler room by leslie saul

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