May 142014

wish upon a star toddler room artwork

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you.

This sweet little verse evokes a magical feeling whenever spoken or put to music. Hope for the future and dreams come true may be beyond a toddler’s little world but stars in all their hopeful simplicity are not.

Using stars as a design motif for kids’ rooms has become quite the trend. From baby’s nursery to lively youth to star-struck teens, you can find stars on almost any surface. Here are a few ideas to use in creating star studded toddler rooms.

toddler room star decor

… stuffed garland wall décor.

toddler room star wall paper

… studded wall paper.

star pillow in toddler room bedding

… pillow and bedding.

star decor in toddler room window

… accessory.

star moon garland for toddler room ideas

… and moon garland.

star tudded toddler room with star cutout headboard

… cutout headboard.

star cutout ceiling light for toddler room ideas

… cutout ceiling lights.

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