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(In a previous storage series, I posted Organized Storage: A Baby Nursery Essential. It covered planning ahead, where to store baby stuff, and the fun of selecting storage containers. This baby nursery décor series will take organized storage and get down to specifics.)

When we envision nursery storage units, we generally see charming changers and adorable armoires (all closed) or bookcases (all open) but who says nursery storage units have to be either open OR closed? Why not a combination? Let’s look at using open + closed storage combined in the same unit.

open and closed storage combination in baby nursery

Open + Closed Storage…..A Little History

It isn’t new design. Historically, furniture pieces with open shelves above closed drawers or cabinets were found in the kitchen. Purely utilitarian for prepping food and storing dishes, the Welsh dresser (or china hutch) gradually began to function as display for the best household items.

(Above) Modern furniture has taken a twist on historical design by surrounding an open shelf with closed doors. Function is still the same….display best items and storage for essentials.

baby nursery bookshelves with open + closed storage

(Above) Another modern twist on open + closed in these two nursery bookcases allow for instant access to touchable items and closed storage to keep some things “out-of-sight, out-of-mind.” (Below) Baskets that fit snugly within the cube also allow for instant access but are helpful in containing a number of small baby toys, extra diapers, or blankets.

open + closed storage bookcase for baby nursery storage

vintage baby nursery storage with open and closed options

(Above) Built-in open shelves with closed storage placed side-by-side fill a small niche in baby’s nursery providing display for toys and cute gift items. (Below) Another side-by-side unit with open and closed storage combined. This compact unit even has a drawer below and place for display on top. Nice!

baby nursery storage cabinet with open and closed storage

Benefits of Open + Closed

There are specific benefits of having an open + closed storage unit.

  • Dual-duty furniture is perfect for smaller nurseries when space is premium
  • Adds interest to the room with different spacial depths.
  • Provides parents instant access to most used necessities
  • Allows for hidden storage of smaller items that don’t stack or display well
  • Helps keep the nursery looking neat and tidy with ease and provides display space for the cutest items.

cabinet bookshelf combination storage for baby nursery storage

(Above) Vintage style pieces like this hutch are proof that good design from the past is timeless. Perfect for use in a baby nursery.

So, when you begin setting up the baby nursery and start planning storage needs, consider the versatile, timeless, dual-duty open + closed storage units. Storage chosen thoughtfully can maximize space in an ever-expanding need when organizing baby essentials.

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