Dec 062013

under the stairs reading nook

The 3rd of the Kids’ Room “Under” Series is under the stairs. While technically not a kid’s room, that awkward space below the risers is ideal for kids. Here are several ultra-cool and downright awesome kidspaces.

(Above) What better place to daydream than peering out a uniquely shaped window situated under the stairs when kids need time to slow down and think. Nice place for a cool, cozy nook.

(Below) Instead of a dark closet full of coats why not turn the space under the stairs into a kids-sized mudroom? Bench for pulling on boots and shoes, buckets for gloves and hats, hooks for coats and sweaters, a few quotes for inspiration….and a clock as a reminder “it’s time to go.”

under the stairs kids mud room

kids playhouse under the stairs

(Above) Turn space under the stairs into a playhouse complete with cedar shake siding, hinged windows, doors, and a planter box. Notice the mail slot in the door? Love the Dutch door idea too….so will the tots in the family.

(Below) Kind of crazy, kind of crooked but totally creative and totally cool……the playhouse under the stairs that everyone will remember. Need I say more? Awesome.

kids crooked play house under the stairs

kids reading area under the stairs

(Above) Books on the shelf, a good light, and a comfy chair under the stairs and you have the makings of a reading area your kids will love. Let the reading begin…..

(Below) The perfect kid-magnet is this little under the stairs space with patterned carpet squares, filled with toys for imaginative play. Notice the Dutch doors? Great idea.

kids hideaway play house under the stairs

When you need a little extra space for the kids in your life, don’t forget to look at closing in the space under the stairs……the magical place your kids will never forget.

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