Dec 042013

cozy teen bed under the rafters

Can you think of three ways to describe a kid’s room under the rafters? Awkwardly shaped walls, hard to reach corners, and lower than normal ceilings. Right answer……if you’re an adult.

Here’s a kid’s take on rooms under the rafters—ultra cool hideaway, dream room, and perfect play place. Kids love awkward shapes and the more unusual the better. Hard to reach corners become kids only alcoves. Low ceilings bring a room down to kid-size.

So, if you have a room under the rafters that is being neglected or under used, here’s a few pointers.

Awkwardly Shaped Walls

(Above) Brightly colored draperies frame the awkward angle, drawing attention to the space almost like an invitation to enter for repose. A tween dream room.

(Below) All-white walls, floor, and ceiling open the space and tend to camouflage the angle. Cushy soft bedding draws the eye away from the awkward slope.

pink white gray girls room under the rafters

toddler bedroom under the rafters

Hard to Reach Corners

(Above) Those hard to reach corners are perfect for toddler size bodies. Everything in the corner above is scaled down from the lamp to the wallpaper to the bed.

(Below) Small, tucked away places like this reading area are perfect for preschoolers and younger kids. Keep the furniture small scale and the colors light then watch kids gravitate to a room their size.

kids reading nook under the eaves

attic play room under the rafters
Lower than Normal Ceilings

(Above) Rooms under the rafters generally have lower ceilings and most have sloped ceilings making it difficult for adults to enjoy…..but perfect for kids. This play room has plenty of light to enlarge the space plus low-height seating and furniture to fit within the sharp angles.

(Below) Dark painted vertical beams tend to raise the roof in a teen retreat where every inch of space is utilized for storage.

teen attic room under the rafters

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