Dec 242013
soft stitched fabric ornaments with buttons

No. 1 – Use fabric scraps, stuffing, buttons, and thread to create little pillow ornaments with messages for the holidays and coming year.


Holiday guests on the way. Kids out of school and need something to do. Tree seems a little sparse. Three reasons you might need last minute ornament ideas for the kids’ room Christmas tree.

Guess what? Found 10 terrific ideas for ornaments that can be made in just a few minutes of just a few hours.

So, we’ll save a little time and skip all the wordiness and get to the good stuff.

You will love these easy ideas……





sheet music cardboard and twine star ornament

No. 2 – Layer old cardboard and sheet music paper cut into star shapes and tie with twine for a quick and easy ornament.

folded vintage paper christmas trees

No. 3 – Fold old book pages into Christmas tree shapes, add a tree trunk and hang on the tree. Simply just minutes to create this little gem.

painted santa face on glass ornament

No. 4 – Create a Santa ornament by adding layers of paint to a glass ornament. So cute!

button snowmen christmas tree ornaments

No. 5 – Stack buttons end-to-end, add scarves and hats for snowmen ornaments. Turn the button the right way…..and the face is already there!

red spool with santa list

No. 6 – Let the kids write their Christmas list on tiny paper and wrap on spools to hang on the tree.

swirled paper christmas tree wreath ornament

No. 7 – Kids’ know how to twirl paper around pencils…..just give them strips of green paper cut to the same width and length, a little glue, ribbon, and a few bells for a curly creation.

ribbon and bead christmas tree ornament

No. 8 – String flat ribbon between red beads to shape a Christmas tree….to hang on the Christmas tree.

paper covered wood letter christmas ornament

No. 9 – Take the left-over letters from past projects, cover one side with festive paper and add a ribbon.

peppermint candy with red hots christmas ornament

No. 10 – Glue peppermint discs and red-hot candies into a wreath shape. Attach baker’s twine for a really ‘sweet’ ornament.

See more kids’ room Christmas décor ideas here:


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