Nov 052013
model vintage airplane for boys room airplane theme

A single wing prop plane with pilot in full gear adds a vintage touch to a boys airplane themed room.


There are a couple of reasons I really like using accessories to create kids’ room themes—you can focus on a kid’s hobby or interest, you can change themes quickly, and your investment is minimal (compared to themed furniture.)

Have a kid interested in flying? The airplane creates a fabulous aviation themed room. From vintage bi-planes to modern jets, kids love models of these great flying objects. No doubt these accessories can set a kid’s sights on one day becoming a pilot.

Powered flying vehicles have intrigued kids since the inception of the first aircraft design. From the first bi-plane to supersonic jets, kids love flying machines……like some of these:

framed vintage airplane artwork

Don’t you just love this colorful collection of framed vintage airplanes! So many different aircraft designs and they all achieve the same purpose……free flight through the sky, plus it makes wonderful artwork.

airplane artwork for boys vintage room

Nothing better than a vintage plane complete with spinning propellers painted on old wooden boards for an awesome artwork collage. Fabulous focal point for the room too!

model airplane covered wall

Display a collection of modern airplanes in all sizes and shapes……and don’t forget to add a globe to inspire the budding world traveler to plan the around-the-world trip.

wood toy airplane for baby nursey accessory biplane bookends for kids room accessories
 From wooden toy airplanes….. ……to bi-plane bookends…..
model airplane boys room decor ideas

….to model airplanes suspended from the ceiling, mounted on the wall, or parked on the shelf, it just takes a few little touches to turn an interest into a room theme.

airplane drawing on boys room wall

Turn a drawing by a pilot-in-training into a wall mural for a simple solution to a blank wall.

There’s just something special about a fixed-wing craft, much heavier than air, zooming effortlessly through the sky. It captures a kid’s imagination, stimulating the mind while adding a whimsical touch…..with as much ease as flying through the air.

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