Nov 252013

Another really cute idea in the “It’s the Little Things” segment.

Getting close to the holidays and guests will be arriving; some for a few hours, some for a few days. Grown-ups like to sit and talk about stuff….the good old days, times spent together, and loved ones near and far.

Kids get bored quickly with talk, talk, talk so here’s one of the little things that make visits to homes without kids a little more kid-friendly.

Tucked under the table and out of the way, this charming little vintage doll bed holds just enough toys to peak kids’ interest and provide a place for quiet play while the adults visit. I just love the matching upholstery….doll mattress cover and adult chair. Makes the doll bed fit the room even better.

Part of the fun when kids visit. Part of the décor when kids are gone.

It’s the little things…..

kids toy storage under table in living room

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