Oct 072013

Ever taken your kids to a playground with the connecting tubes that look like a giant hamster cage? You know, the ones the kids climb to the farthest reaches when you tell them it’s time to go? Here’s a new twist on climbers that are amazing, awesome kid-magnets…..but warning, the kids may never come down.

They look like giant beanstalks or oversized flower petals wrapped in a spider’s web but are oh so fun for kids and just a bit challenging. None of the surfaces are flat so it isn’t like climbing a large set of scattered stairs. Curves are the norm leaving the feeling of peaks and valleys as kids climb. (I know from experience!)

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to tour the Glazer Children’s Museum a few weeks before it opened. Lots of cool kidstuff but my favorite was the climber.

glazer childrens museum climber tampa flGlazer Children’s Museum – Tampa, FL

The tree climbing kid in me let loose during the tour and I had to try out the climber. A few times I thought I was stuck but managed to work through the kid-size openings to the next petal. Although it was technically a construction site (hence the required hardhats) I was glad I didn’t wear heels that day!

Just found the creative mind behind the 3-story maze of plywood, steel pipes, and net…..Tom Luckey. The climber at Glazer’s is only one of many designed by Luckey. Check out the website, see his other creative works, and find a climber near you to test drive. Just make sure if you take the kids, you aren’t in a hurry to get them to leave.

view from main floor climber glazer childrens museumView from main floor at Glazer Children’s Museum – Tampa, FL
luckey climber columbus indianaColumbus Commons – Columbus, IN

children's museum of south dakota

view from top of climber in childrens museum of south dakotaChildren’s Museum of South Dakota – Brookings, SD

outdoor climber at providence rhode island children museum

providence rhode island chldrens museum climberProvidence Children’s Museum – Providence, RI

Ok, that’s enough photos for the post…..I could go on and on! Want to see more playful engineering feats? Head over to Luckey Climbers and enjoy the climbing creativity.

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