Sep 062013
map headboard for teen girls room

Tween room headboard covered with pages of brightly colored maps.

Furniture pieces generally have one intended purpose—to be used for storage, for sitting, or for reclining…..but not in kids’ rooms. Kids’ furniture is often used as teaching tools and it’s the perfect place for using maps!

From DIY to ready made, maps have gone from the atlas to kids furniture as more and more parents love using maps to add color and pattern, plus a bonus geography lesson.

The subtle lesson will begin as kids’ natural curiosity causes them to zero in on any map-covered surface and begin exploring the squiggly lines. Readers will look for familiar cities and follow lines connecting the dots from one town to another or one country to another.

Using maps on furniture is only limited by your creativity……size of the map is a non-issue. Here are several pieces where modern and vintage maps cover a surface.

map covered dresser for teen room

Dressers are often large pieces and already very noticeable. Adding a map-covered piece will definitely add interest. You can finish your own piece or find one in a specialty store.

Not all maps have to be bright colored for use in kids’ rooms. This vintage world map in soft, soothing neutrals has spots of red that is also used as an accent color in the room.

The inside back of a bookcase has become a popular surface for map application adding an interesting touch to an otherwise unnoticed area of the room. Lighter color maps also add light to dark corners of the furniture.

bookcase with map covered back wall

map covered chair for vintage teen room map covered step stool for kids room

map covered ottoman

Seating surfaces have always been a favorite receptacle for adding variety. Kid size chairs work well with map applications….bright colors for the little guys and vintage for tweens and teens.

Not all maps have to be on paper either. Fabric covered ottomans in a map print work equally as well to draw attention. I can just see this ottoman on it’s side being carefully examined by a curious kid.

Tabletops have long been a favorite surface for teaching tools, especially in classrooms and libraries. The one shown below would work equally as well in a playroom, homeschool room, or activity room.

map topped table and chair set for kids room

Whether you use maps to just add color and pattern to a kids’ room or you use maps to teach, your little travelers will love exploring their new world.


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