Sep 232013

buoy lamp with map lamp shade



For decades, the only place to find a map was an atlas, a classroom wall, or in a “glove box” in a car. Not anymore! Maps are showing up in the most unusual places that are perfect for kids’ room décor.

In the blog Series: Using Maps in Kids’ Rooms, I covered the most common places you see maps…..but I found so many more ways to use maps that were just a little unusual.

Couldn’t leave them out so here’s a little map razzle-dazzle for you to enjoy and all perfectly usable in any kids’ rooms, including the baby nursery.



map window shade

map mobile for baby nursery accessory idea star shaped garland with map paper

map covered letters for baby nursery decor

map covered mirror frame map covered picture frame

map butterfly artwork in shadowbox frame

These are cool. For more ideas on using maps as kids’ room decor, see the map series  and “It’s the Little Things“.

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