Sep 032013

map covered canister pencil holderGeographical maps have been around from ancient days and today still serve their original purpose… depict the earth’s surface on paper. And colorful it is!

Maps help us get from here-to-there by auto, train, plane or boat. They guide us on hiking trails or biking back roads. They pinpoint places we want to visit, where our family lives, or people we need to meet.

Maps help kids gain a better understanding of space and are a wonderful way to add a colorful element to their rooms.

The Series: Using Maps in Kids’ Rooms will provide ideas to help you teach a little geography with the following topics:

  • Kids’ Rooms: Map Your Family  – Get creative ideas on how to help your kids grasp distance by using a map to mark where each family member lives.
  • Using Maps on Kids’ Walls – Instill a love of geography with larger-than-life map covered walls providing hours of inadvertent learning.
  • Using Maps on Kids’ Furniture – See several ways to use maps as decorative finishes on kids’ furniture adding a little color and pattern to their rooms.

From local area to global scale, vintage plats or fresh off the press, maps are an easy way to teach while you add colorful decor to your kid’s room.

vintage map wall decor for kids room

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