Sep 042013

family photo collage for baby nursery artwork

In days past, grandparents, siblings, and other extended family members lived next door, down the lane, or at least across the field. Not so much anymore. With the ease of global travel and families moving where jobs can be found, families get pretty spread out.

To help kids grasp distance and better understand where the voice on the phone is coming from, why not map your family? Easy to do. Just find your favorite media—paper, chalkboard, corkboard, or photo paper to name a few—and print, cut, paste, pin, and hang your family map on the kids’ room wall.

Found seven different ideas to get your creativity rolling:

shadowbox family map for kids room art

#1 Shadowbox – strips of paper with family names pinned to a map and framed in a shadow box. Easy to change if your family is mobile.

chalkboard USA map for kids room artwork

#2 Chalkboard – purchase a ready-made map or create your own and mark where each family member lives.

corkboard USA map with family map flags

#3 Corkboard – cut a piece of cork to shape and use flags to pinpoint your special people. Mount on a board and hang on the wall.

printable family map from etsy

#4 Printable – Tech savvy? Create  your own map, label, and print. Find the perfect frame and you have a piece of art……plus family history. Not tech savvy? Get one custom designed at this ETSY shop.

family map with photos of members

#5 Photo Board – For kids who can’t read, make the places recognizable with photos of family members. Pin to each location and connect the dots.

heart shaped map cutouts framed

#6 City Hearts – Cut hearts around each city where family lives, place on mat board and frame.

family member shape covered with map

#7 Family Map – A little harder to do but super creative. Place city where each member was born on the shape and place in a shadowbox frame.

Whether you choose a full map, a partial map, or cutouts depends on kids’ ages, family size, and display space. But whatever you choose…..your kids will feel a little closer to those living far away.


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