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flor carpet tiles used in kids playroomMy first introduction to carpet tile was through a kind manufacturer’s rep that helped me learn the ins-and-outs of carpet during my first year working as a designer. My first thought was, “How innovative. Why hasn’t this been done before?”

FLOR was one of the products I wanted to use but clients were stuck on the traditional use of rolled carpet. Ever watched an installation? Empty the room, lug in huge rolls of carpet, unroll, cut to fit, stretch, and secure. Sounds simple—but it isn’t. I tried it….once. That was enough.

How about a carpet tile installation? Move furniture aside, bring in boxes of carpet squares, open box, lay tiles end-to-end, and…..that’s all. You’re finished. Anyone can install carpet tile.

FLOR tiles are awesome and innovation is one of three parts behind FLOR’s design philosophy. The other two parts, replaceability (hugely important in kids’ rooms) and recycleability make using carpet tile just plain sensible.

Here’s a short (3:53) video from FLOR’s blog on “The Design Philosophy Behind FLOR”.

I think they have achieved their design goal. Flexible. Fabulous. FLOR.


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  1. Curious about your comments of Flor. I was very excited to explore that options after purchasing inexpensive rugs online that shed all the time. I started reading reviews about Flor and the concensus is that it is an inferior product with lots of problems.

    • Hi Susie,

      My apologies for the delay in replying to your question. I decided to check with a client for direct feedback on her rug to see how it has faired with two high-energy boys and heavy traffic.

      I designed an area rug for her nursery and it has been in constant use for 5 years now. She has relocated twice since the original install and the rug was easily reconfigured to fit each new space. It is currently in a play area heavily used by her two little boys. Worn tiles have been rotated to less visible areas. No shedding but edges can fray over the years with heavy traffic wear, but rotating tiles has minimized this issue.

      One con has been the adhesive Flor “dots” leaving residue on the floor underneath the rug. Using a rug pad solved this problem and added a little more cushion to the rug.

      I have never had an issue with Flor with other projects and feel their product is good quality.

      Hope this helps!

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