Aug 152013

patterned fabric for kids roomsPattern. A repeated decorative design; the arrangement of forms or designs to create an orderly whole.

Pattern. It has visible presence. You see it everywhere. It can be printed, woven, or created. You see it on upholstery, bedding, flooring, wall coverings, and window treatments. It really is found everywhere.

Pattern. It is a wonderful design vehicle to use in kids’ rooms and using pattern is much easier than you think. When used effectively, pattern changes the personality of a room, establishes a theme, or visually alters space.

colorful cushions in a variety of patternsThis segment of our design basics, Kids’ Room Pattern Essentials, will cover all the essentials you need to use pattern in kids’ rooms. It will be divided into two sections. The first section will give you “how to” information:

The second section will cover the basic pattern shapes which all others are derived from:

In addition to the regular design basics posted each Thursday, watch for Weekly Wednesday posts where use of specific patterns like polka dots, paisley, plaids, and animal patterns will be featured in kids’ bedrooms. By the time we finish this series of design basics, you will know all about using pattern.

how to mix patterns in kids rooms

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