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home school study desk for teen girlLearning doesn’t just happen while sitting at a desk…..but a desk can be one of the best places to study. Sure kids like to study while sitting on their beds, but when you’re trying to create a structured home schoolroom, the bed just doesn’t work.

Home schools have an advantage—you can add a little panache to the room with desk choices more stylish than institutional offerings. Gone are boring chairs and cubbyhole desks.

Home school places to study can be individualized for each kid. The trick is fitting more than one study space into the room you have available while including the key ingredients.

Four Key Ingredients

Places to study in a home schoolroom require four key ingredients for success—ample work surface, comfortable seating, proper lighting, and the ability to study without distractions.

The first tree essentials are covered in previous posts. See Choosing the Best Study Area Desk for tips on desk selection. See Reduce Fatigue with an Ergonomic Study Chair for selecting the best chair. For correct lighting, see Properly Lighting a Kid’s Room—Part 2.

Eliminating distractions can be accomplished several ways, most dealing with room configuration. Of course, noise-canceling headphones help when individual instruction is needed for one while others are studying, but room set up is important.

Room Configuration

Facing the wall tends to be the best method of reducing distractions. Same technique is used with library study carrels (and time-out!). Remove all visual distractions possible by placing desks away from windows, doors, and other siblings. Check out the following photos for stylish ideas.

home school room study desk for two

Side by side study is possible when a large work surface is provided and desks face the wall.

homeschool room with study desks for three

When teaching more than one, more space is required. Desks are still facing the wall but also separated by furniture to lessen distractions from siblings.

teen study desk in home school room

Tucked into a corner of a room or niche with walls on two or three sides places all activity behind kids and makes study time easier

home schoolroom study desk for kids

Sitting side by side can work when adults supervise while sitting across the way but only for short study periods and with older kids who can sit still. Nothing is more distracting than a fidgety classmate.

home school room study desk for preschooler

Pre-K through 2nd grade students spend little time “studying” but they need a place to work. Storing necessary materials and supplies next to their work space will help avoid distractions enabling them to stay on task.

Of course, removing televisions and telephones is essential for quiet during study time but that goes without saying.  A room designed for study and configured to remove distractions creates an optimum environment for successful learning.


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