Aug 142013

beachside blues teen room surfboard and anchorBeach inspired teen rooms have been popular for decades and blue-sand-white color schemes are naturals for what I call “beachside blues”.

Blue is an inherently soothing and psychologically cooling color. Maybe that’s why we long for clear blue skies on dreary days or a walk on the beach when life gets too busy.

Fresh air hues are perfect for warm climates—and even more appealing in cold weather or urban settings, especially for those who can’t get enough of the beach.

Vacation souvenirs are perfect accessories to adorn a beach inspired room….like the ones you find beachside! Surfboards, shells, and sand dollars mixed with soothing blues will definitely chase another kind of “blue” away during winter dreariness. So, why not take a little of the beach home to stay and color up your teen’s room with beachside blues?

beachside blues teen bedroom ideas

beachside blue teen room accessories

beachside blues teen daybed

beachside blues for teen beach theme room

beachside blue teen room

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