Jul 052013

playhouse with treehouse trunkI have always had a thing for climbing trees. I have also loved miniature places for kids to play. No wonder Swiss Family Robinson tree house at Disneyworld is a childhood memory highlight. It’s a combination of the two!

Can you name a kid who wouldn’t love to have a tree house? Terrific tree houses are a favorite backyard family fun place to hangout.

Tree houses give kids every adventure imaginable with knotted ropes, swinging bridges, or planks attached to the tree for entry.

Escape routes are even more exciting with trap doors, rope ladders, and zip lines. Actually just being up high with a bird’s eye view is quite a thrill.

Put one of these amazing structures in your backyard and your kids will be thrilled…..and so will the kid in you.

family tree house on three trunks

Tree houses that are really houses…..big enough so the whole family can live there.

family tree house

Tree houses that are places to relax….and have really cool ways to get there.

tree house for rent in washington

Tree houses that you can rent…..

giant kids tree house in family backyard

Trees that have houses built around them…..

kids tree house in backyard

…..and houses that are really built on trees.

Simply built with found materials or elaborately built by contracted builders, terrific tree houses make for the best family backyard fun

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