Jul 232013

star nursery rhyme on baby nursery wall

hanging star mobile for kids room decor

Do you recite this nursery rhyme to your kids when you sit together gazing at stars? It is a happy, hopeful axiom that transports stars and all their beauty a little closer to earth….plus providing a few extra wishes.

We do have a fascination for stars and the gentle light they provide, enough so to create star studded kids’ rooms. Even the baby nursery entertains stars, both with and without lights.

Walls and ceilings both make impressive backdrops for a majestic lighted star display. There are several options for adding little star lights to kids’ rooms. Check out the cool ideas below.

kids room star light on wall

Simple strand of star lights hang from a large white star on the wall gives just a hint of light and creates a focal point in a boy’s room. Love the star patterned spread and pillows.

strands of star lights on boys room wall

A little more light with several strands of star shaped lights fashion an interesting headboard for a kid’s room.

star light ceiling in baby nursery

A few hundred twinkling stars sprinkle the nursery ceiling providing low light via fiber optics.

fiber optic star lights baby nursery ceiling

More fiber optics on the ceiling in this neutral color scheme baby nursery. Makes me think “twinkle, twinkle little star…..

star light ceiling in bathroom

I know this isn’t a kids’ room or even a kids’ bathroom…..but the star light ceiling is awesome!!! It would be a hit in any kids’ room.

From one strand to multi-light ceilings, twinkling star lights have a way of causing us to stop, look up, and reflect. Not such a bad idea. Happy wishing!

  11 Responses to “Star Studded Kids’ Rooms”

  1. I would love more information on the “”lights on the bathroom ceiling. What type of lights,how are they held onto the ceiling?”” Thank you very much

    • Hi Jackie,
      Thanks for asking about the bathroom ceiling lights. They are amazing! They are LED lights with Swarovski crystal fittings that can be wall or ceiling mounted. The crystals create the beautiful light patterns surrounding each fixture.

  2. Where can I purchase these lights?
    Thank you!

  3. How did you do that or do I need to get an electrician

    • Hi Stacey,
      The twinkling stars in the ceiling are an amazing feature! The lights are 3-Star LED ceiling lights and come in a kit of 288 lights…..and yes, an electrician would be needed for installation (in crawl space above the ceiling) for proper connection and ventilation needed.

  4. For the nursery lights…where can they be purchased?

  5. Hi

    Where can we buy the first image of the hanging paper-like stars?


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