Jul 032013

outdoor chess board on deck

Traditional board games labeled “bored” games by your family? Bet your family will change their tune when you take tradition to a new level with oversize games for the backyard. Nothing boring about games with giant pieces requiring two arms to move.

Oversize games do require larger space making the backyard a perfect place for set up and play. Every family member, from youngest to oldest, can enjoy giant games. Little ones can move pieces (sometimes a little more helpful than you really need) while older members help with strategies.

If you so choose, games can have elaborate boards and game pieces like the Chess set shown above. Others can be created from simple landscaping materials or found objects like one of these……

oversize outdoor checker board

Love the addition of benches by the giant Checkerboard made of bricks and pavers. Are the benches for players contemplating their next move or the fan gallery?

oversize outdoor scrabble game

Simple landscape pavers, painted just like a Scrabble game board and set into the ground. Bet the oldest family members can read these squares without their glasses!

giant dominoes for backyard family fun

Even the littlest family members can play giant dominoes……although they might just use the game pieces as stepping stones. Looks like fun for all ages.

giant jenga game for family backyard fun

Giant Jenga…..building blocks for adults and teens. Looks a little daunting from this angle but like loads of family fun!!

oversize senet game board

Have never played Senet but it looks intriguing. Oversize game board from pavers, concrete, cones, and spools.

Whether you are a master woodworker creating heirloom chess pieces, a landscaper deluxe, or a dumpster diver who brings home the perfect pieces for oversize games, family fun will abound as you gather to play.

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