Jul 022013

outdoor race track for kids toy cars

outdoor tic tac toe game with paving blocks and stones

Nine square paving stones set in-ground with rocks painted X’s and O’s are an easy tic-tac-toe game board.

The weather is perfect….warm and comfortable with a slight breeze. Lawn is trimmed and beckoning. Can you see it? The perfect setting for family fun and backyard lawn games.

Kids love to play games, especially ones that include the entire family. They also love playing outdoors so why not turn your backyard into game central?

Small backyard? No problem. Backyard doesn’t have to be large and some games don’t require grass. There are plenty of terrific ideas for games using whatever conditions you have out back.

With a little concrete mix, paint, and a few small plants you can create a racetrack for kids toy cars…..and hours of fun for the little guys.

outdoor bowling game for family backyard fun

Try a game of backyard bowling. Buy a set or make your own.

frog bowling set for family backyard fun

Even smiley frogs will elicit squeals of delight from the youngest crowd.

backyard bowling for family lawn games

If you get really serious about your lawn bowling games, try turf instead of grass for the perfect surface every time.

backyard horseshoe pit for family game night

…..or remove the grass completely for a horseshoe sand pit. Great idea for areas where lawn doesn’t thrive.

backyard mini golf for family lawn games

Create your own miniature putt-putt course using objects found in nature and some wood boards. Nine holes that could change every week depending on who does set up. Now that’s a challenge!

The ultimate summer staple, lawn games are a great way to be physical while relaxing at the same time…..plus enjoying the company of family and friends, so head outdoors and get your game on!

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