Jul 112013

triadic color scheme for teen bedroom colors

triadic color scheme on color wheelTriadic color schemes are the most difficult of all because it is easy to slip into harshness using strong colors. Using a triadic scheme in kids’ rooms is not impossible to do. It just takes a better understanding of how to incorporate other design principles in order to be successful.

Triadic schemes consist of three colors equal distance apart on the color wheel. I love the photo above of a teen room. It is truly a triadic scheme and the diagram on the wheel image makes it easier to see. Just move each circle one notch clockwise, tint the teal and you have the room above.

Here are a few tips on how to successfully use a triadic scheme:

  • Use stronger colors in small areas in an otherwise neutral scheme
  • Reduce intensities of all but one color
  • Tweek tints and shades while maintaining balanced scheme

Check out how each room shown below successfully balances three colors in a triadic scheme.

triadic color scheme with green orange and purple

Toned down green, purple, and orange for an unusual, but well-done triadic color scheme in a teen reading nook.

red yellow blue triadic kids room color scheme

Small areas of bold color surrounded by white and warm wood tones keep the room from being overpowered.

red yellow blue kids room color scheme

Bright red is used in smaller areas with blue tints, yellow tones, and lots of white to keep colors from appearing too harsh.

red yellow blue kids room color scheme

Red-yellow-blue color combinations for kids’ rooms don’t necessarily have to be high chroma colors. This triadic scheme uses tints and tones to soften the impact. Notice the yellow is an accent color.

Even though triadic schemes are touted as the hardest to use, you can make 3-color trios work without jarring the senses. Take a stab at putting a triadic kids’ room color scheme together share your success…..or if you need help, contact me for a consultation.

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