Jul 092013

year in photos mounted on foam board in family entry

Did you pile the kids in the car and take a road trip this summer? Cross-country, to the mountains, or to the beach? Better yet, did you visit family along the way? If so, I am sure you took an abundance of photos. Don’t hide the disk in a drawer! Remember your trip all year long with a creative family vacation photo display.

Framed or unframed, mounted or clipped to a backboard, there are numerous ways to show off your memories. Here are a few favorites I found that put family vacations on display making them even more memorable.

framed family vacation photo gallery wall

framed family vacation photo display

#1 (top) Collage of same size photos mounted on foam board or printed on canvas, hanging unframed on the wall.

#2 (above) Frames in various widths but same height hang butted up to each other. Same style and color frame creates collage effect.

#3 (left) Same size frame with various photos for a different, smaller collage when you don’t have much space or just want to display a few photos.

#4 (below) Oversize frame full of same size photos placed behind glass and leaning against the wall……now that makes a statement! Excellent way to show off all the vacation photos.


oversize photo frame family vacation photo collage

cord, hooks, clips, board, and family vacation photo for display idea

#5 (above) Moveable, changeable display using cable cord with wooden boards hanging by S-hooks. Simply attach clips and add photos. Love this idea!!

#6 (below) Another cable type display, this one using free hanging photos—no backers needed. Excellent conversation starter when friends visit.

cable rail photo hanging system for family vacation photo display

Large display or small one, doesn’t matter. What really counts is the opportunity to strengthen family bonds each time your kids stop to look at the display. They will giggle about the funny times, point at places they went, and remember the people the spent time with or met along the way.

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