Jun 262013

this is my country usa map for baby nursery art

USA maps have always been popular kids’ room artwork. They are subtle, yet influential teaching tools providing a host of information, instilling love of country, and feeling of place in the world.

I found a few favorites to share and show you what is popular….

etsy chalkboard usa map

Chalkboard maps fit well in vintage themed rooms. I especially like the idea of kids getting to mark where they have lived, visited, or places they want to go.

chalkboard usa map with you are here marker

Maps like this USA shaped chalkboard is a great idea for families that move often. You could even mark the locations where other family members live.

usa map poster for boys room wall art usa license plate map in family room
Try a state license plate map…..framed poster or unframed real thing.
usa ca license plate map for kids room art

Another clever use of license plates creating the stars and stripes too.

usa map magnetic puzzle magnetic board with usa states map
Puzzle maps with pieces for each state have been popular for many years. Need something for younger kids? Add magnets to each piece and place on an old locker door or magnetic board for hands-on learning.

Whatever media form you use, maps are a colorful form of artwork to dress up kids’ bedrooms or playroom. You know the kids will love them!

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