Jun 182013

kids playhouse accessory


Why all the hoop-la about playhouses? Kids need their own little sanctuary or place to play. It provides a valuable tool for them to explore role-play and improve social skills.

While there are certainly luxury mini-mansions on the market, they aren’t the only way to provide a fun playhouse for kids.

Accessories, especially awesome ones, can turn an ordinary shed, hut, or lean-to into a favorite place to play.  I already covered my top 10 awesome playhouse accessories….but here’s more. And these are just as awesome as the first 10!


tire seats in kids play house

What kids could resist a “sofa” made from bright orange tires! Love the large face clock and artwork…..two really awesome accessories.

stained glass window in kids play house

A stained glass window is a great way to light up a playhouse that is often quite dark inside. Fireplace mantle and hearth plus a few bright colored tiles on the wall are two more awesome accessories.

mud pie kitchen using recycled crates

For a little more rustic cabin playhouse, crates make a fabulous mud pie kitchen….a broom and tree stump stool are awesome accessories.

painted mural on kids play house wall

How many cool things that start with ‘T’ can you find in one little playhouse? Teddy bears, tea set, table cloth and tree…..a painted tree mural and window seat are awesome additions to a kid’s playhouse.

vanity dressing table for girls play house accessory

The coolest stool with scalloped edge on the slipcover and vanity dressing table would be a favorite (and awesome!) accessory in any little girl’s playhouse.

All it takes to have a memorable playhouse is a basic structure (kid-size of course!) and the addition of really awesome accessories. It’s the little things that make the difference to little people and those are the things they will remember.

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