May 062013

doll storage in girls roomKids love to collect stuff…..dolls, toys, cars, action figures, Legos. You name it. They want it. Age doesn’t matter. And teens want to keep it.

That’s where the Kids’ Room Collection Series can help. Whether a collection is something to play with now or keep for treasuring cherished childhood memories, kidstuff needs an accessible place to be stored.

This series will give you ideas on the following topics:

  • Kids’ Room Collections: Cars – Little cars, big cars, and sizes in between. See some really unique ideas for car displays that are usable for playing or showing off a collection.
  • Kids’ Room Collections: Toys – Action figures, animals, vintage toys or new. Get ideas for how to display kids toys with style!
  • Kids’ Room Collections: Dolls – Soft and cuddly dolls need a home, not stuffed in a box in the closet. Find new ways to store dolls with loving care…..and this includes stuffed animals too.

It doesn’t take much to turn ordinary storage into a collection display. Just a little tweaking with the right containers and you can accomplish creating delightful displays for their treasures.

storage for toy display

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