May 162013

intense chromatic color in kids roomKids’ love bright colors in their rooms, but let’s face it……parents don’t. Seeing neon green, hot pink, and other in-your-face color each time you open the bedroom door can be hard to take.

But they want it. So, just how do you use chroma and intensity in in kids’ room color schemes and make both of you happy?

Just so you know, chroma is purity of color and intensity is highly saturated pigments (like the photo to the left).

Pure color isn’t the problem. It’s the intensity that can be hard to handle. Intense colors lend a fresh dramatic appeal. That’s why kids like it. It works great in playrooms and recreation areas.

But if they are really set on bright color in their room, here are a few tips on placement that makes high chroma and intensity acceptable to both parents and kids.

bright yellow iron bed in teen room color intensity in tween room accessories
Use a bed frame of intense color and bedding with bright pops of color, but notice, the room is painted white which lowers the intensity of the bed. Small areas of high chroma makes strong color easier to handle. Accessories are a quick easy way to add intensity….and easier still to remove when tastes change.


intense pink wall in shared girls room

Applying their favorite intense color to just one wall will make them happy.

intense orange floor and baskets

High chroma color on the floor with a few more spots using accessories…..and lots of white to tone it all down. An area rug would help reduce the intense floor color.

orange wall behind bookcase shelves

Back of the bookcase is always a winner for bright colors. Still intense but can be subdued by covering with kidstuff.

Did this make it a little easier to think of using bright colors in your kids’ room? See these posts on using hot pink in tween rooms and colorful bathrooms if you need more ideas.

Watch the Kids’ Room Color Essentials design basics to cover the following:

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