Apr 182013

light and dark colors in kids roomsDid you know light or dark colors both equally create drama in kids’ rooms? Yep. When used in the right places, polar opposites on the spectrum can create an amazing dramatic color scheme. Here’s how……

Drama with Light Colors

Creating a dramatic kids’ room color scheme using light colors doesn’t mean every surface is white or a light tint of color. You still need contrast but in the right places. Light colors are an amazing background for dramatic artwork and accessories.

Light colors have the ability to:

  • Create bright airy looking rooms.
  • Trick the eye into making small spaces look bigger.
  • Make ceilings look higher.
  • Let dramatic patterns on carpet or furnishings be a focal point without competition.
  • Reflect light brightening basement rooms or north-facing rooms with little or no natural light.
light colors for baby nursery color scheme

Dramatic pattern on the area rug and baby blanket becomes a focal point in a baby nursery with a light color scheme. Pattern, texture, and varying shades create interest. Beautiful bright, airy room!

light colors make small space seem larger

Just think how small this space would appear if the walls were dark. Light colored walls, floor, and white ceiling create a feeling of openness in small attic spaces.

Drama with Dark Colors

Dark colors automatically create a feeling of drama in a room because they tend to dominate a space. The key to using dark colors without overwhelming a room is placement and using the right amount. Don’t overdo a good thing!

Dark colors have the ability to:

  • Create cozy spaces—great for quiet rooms like reading areas and study centers.
  • Provide excellent camouflage for ugly surfaces.
  • Dominate a room for a dramatic effect.
  • Absorb light making large rooms look smaller, more intimate.
  • Make light and bright furniture and accents stand out.
dark color scheme for teen girls bedroom

Dark colored furniture, draperies, and accessories create a cozy teen bedroom. Notice how the comforter’s large floral pattern stands out, giving the room a little more dramatic effect in addition to dramatic use of plum and dark gold.

navy blue walls in reading area

How dramatic is navy against white? Plus, the red accents and chevron pillow pattern pop against navy blue in this cozy reading corner.

Using color effectively can enhance any kids’ space. The right placement of light or dark colors creates the drama kids love in a room they call their own.

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