Apr 302013

shelf plus hidden storage drawerstorage plus bed support plus desk

Stylish Storage Solutions. That ‘s what parents say they want when we talk kids’ room design. What they really want is stylish storage that serves two purposes—meaning kids’ room double duty storage.

Double-duty storage is great for small spaces because it serves two purposes. The real trick is making sure both can be used simultaneously or easy to switch from one to the other.

For instance, the top photo shows a mounted shelf. Double duty? The drawer. Both usable at the same time.

Photo to the right shows storage supporting the bed. The pull out desk is a 3rd bonus.


storage plus desk plus seat with storage

Easy….storage stools. Lift the lid, fill the cavity, sit on it. Need I say more?

bench plus storage below

Introducing…..the bench-bed-bookcase. Does three count?

dresser with book storage

Is it a bookcase or is it a dresser? Doesn’t really matter—it’s double duty with both accessible at the same time.

table with hidden storage

Now this is stylish! A play table for kids with storage for any kidstuff they can fit in the drawer. Need to save space? Get creative and look for double-duty storage.


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