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baby nursery storage with repurposed ladderNew uses….old ladders. There are a zillion ways to repurpose a rickety ladder, some very clever, but as a kids’ room accessory ladders are pretty unique.

Using ladders in kids’ rooms is a little more challenging than other rooms. Kids think all ladders are for climbing….and it doesn’t matter what it reaches or where it goes as long as it goes up.

Ladders can add a whimsical touch, vintage flavor, or rustic air to a room depending on the finish and material.

Repurposed, they add storage and display space for almost any item and any age kid. However you choose to utilize a ladder, always be on the safe side and avoid accidents by securing it to the wall.

You can hang clothes on the rungs as part of the design or for a “no closet closet”. Adds a little spice to a room don’t you think?

repurposed ladder for kids room clothing storage

pink girls room with repurposed ladder storage


Paint a really tall ladder and attach securely to the wall near the top and bottom. Tween girls will love a place to hang clothes and blankets (and probably towels too!). Provides a display area for collections, hobbies, and even holiday décor.



Ladders are safe in a nursery or a toddler room when each step is filled with kidstuff. Thinking maybe they won’t notice a place to climb but just wait… soon as they are old enough to think, it could be trouble! Securing to the wall is a must.


repurposed ladder for baby nursery storage idea

repurposed ladder bookcase storage with kids loft bed

Does dual-purpose count as repurpose? Yep. I think 2-in-1 counts. This ladder has two functions—loft access and shelf storage. Totally sturdy and a top rung destination make this ladder ok for a kids’ room.

When a ladder is too rickety to climb on, mount to the wall and fill with books. This way kids won’t even be tempted to hang from the rungs because they are vertical….and pretty high off the floor.

repurposed ladder book case for teen boys room

Ladders…..not just for climbing anymore. Do you have any clever ladder ideas for kids’ rooms?


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