Mar 192013

girls princess crowns for dress up playDressing up and pretending to be someone else is often a big part of a preschooler’s day. From frilly frocks to firemen fit out, getting gussied up is super fun for kids!

Storing all those costumes for kids’ pretend play is the fun part for parents, especially when you have some really creative ways to keep it organized.

Kids love a wardrobe full of a variety of outfits, homemade or purchased. Providing a simple hinged box, a refurbished coat rack, an old trunk and baskets are just a few container ideas, but of course, here’s more…..

dress up storage for kids playroom

What could be better than a stage for pretending? A stage with a rolling wardrobe chest on wheels offering places to store clothing, shoes, and accessories all in one place.

dress up clothes storage in playroom

Fill baskets with shoes, hats, gloves and accessories and save the trunk for the big stuff.

boys fireman pretend clothes storage idea

Who says boys don’t like to dress up in costumes! Perfect storage for a future fireman.

dress up clothes storage in kids play room

Be sure to include a mirror nearby so the princesses can be sure they are dressed to enter the fairy book forest or storybook cottage and wait for the prince to arrive.

recycle dresser into kids dress up clothes storage dress up carousel for kids clothes storage

Make it yourself from repurposed furniture or purchase ready-made units. Either way, it’s perfect for pretend play.


repurposed coat rack made into kids dress up clothes storage

To the right…..Oh-so-easy coat rack with hangers, hooks, and a mirror, repainted and hanging down low makes the perfect place for preschoolers to put away playthings.


Play is essential to kids’ development and pretend play especially encourages imagination and creativity. By adding layers of make-believe into reality, kids lose sense of time and they actually learn more when relaxed.

Make clean up a simple task with storage specifically set aside for kids’ costumes. They will spend hours learning while playing…..and you’ll love the stories the create.


If you want to learn more about kids’ development related to play, catch the IKEA Playreport referenced in Top Tips on Creative Playroom Design.



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