Feb 262013

Looking for a designer’s tip on book storage? Here it is. You don’t always have to use the usual bookcase to store books. Unusual places to store kids’ books add a little more interest to a room.

Pretty simple. The fun part is finding unusual places and containers!

vintage kids wagon for kids book storage

What a wonderful little wagon for little kids’ books!! No doubt this mobile book storage will get frequent use.


bike rack book storage shelf

For the teen on the go, dual purpose storage……wheels and words.

skateboard bookcase for kids room

A new meaning to the “bookmobile”…..recycled skateboard wheels and a box.

giant face bookcase for teen room

Cool storage or artwork? Works…..as long as kids aren’t afraid of sticking their hand into a giant’s mouth to retrieve a book!

unusual book storage idea

One way to keep track of what your kids read…..and what they need to read.

recycled piano into bookcase

What to do when a piano has lost its legs and strings….add shelves and books. Not your usual bookcase now is it!

Keeping books handy will encourage kids’ to pick up a book or browse through the stack. Keeping storage orderly and exciting is the fun part for parents.


More on books, storage, and reading areas here:

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