Feb 252013
adult and kid size egg chair

Jacobsen Egg and Yolk (1958)

Some call it a special charm. Some call it cute. I call furniture classics reduced to kid size awesome and perfect way to teach kids good design while ensuring comfort.

Kids manage to adapt to adult size seating but who likes to sit with feet dangling above the floor! Just watch your kids’ faces after walking into a room and spotting a chair their size. Kid-size chair = total delight!

Scaled-down pieces designed for kid-sized bodies take kids’ needs into consideration. Easy to get in and out of, miniature chairs work with kids’ size, strength, and mobility.

Interestingly, any of the chairs shown here will add a modern twist to a kid’s room….but these cutting edge designs were created more than 50 years ago. That’s what makes them a classic. Still modern, still in demand, timeless design.

Here are a few classics I spotted in kids’ rooms…..

kid size classic chairs in playroom

Jacobsen Series 7 Children’s Chair (1955)

panton kids chair

Panton Junior (1960)

risom childs chair and amoeba table

Risom Side Chair and Amoeba Table (1941)



Kid-sized classics are relatively new to the market and are based on exact plans of the original, generally 25% smaller and manufactured with the same material of the adult version designed decades ago.

Just like any well-designed piece of furniture, there are “knock-offs” on the market. They are cheaper than the original but remember, you get what you pay for. Cheaper prices often indicate inexpensive materials and poor quality.


bertoia kid size chair in playroom

Bertoia “Little Bert” Side Chair (1952)

kid size barcelona stool in tween bedroom

Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Stool (1930)

Kid-sized classics are charming and cute and even awesome…..but if you want to teach good design, add a classic to your home. Your kids will appreciate it and you will enjoy great design that fits any room.

Want to see how modern classics look when used in the nursery? Check out Baby Nursery + Classic Furniture = Awesome! Then check out Miniature Furniture Classics Produced to Scale Gives True to Life Detail for the really small stuff!

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